Monday, 22 April 2013

of Naive and Pain

As civilization started, greed grew alongside man kind. A common cheesy line we always hear in
You don't have to be a Maths Genius to understand this.
But this equation is wrong. The truth is

Well it's true. Our country now ranks top in the Global Corruption Scale
According to Malaysia A World Class Champion.

Another example would be (Picked from Political Gags)

Sugar King (The path on becoming a king)

As a chinese, my parent always ask me to leave this country if i had a chance , did your parent ever said this to you before ??, here is a story of robert kuok, our nation biggest lost . (THE REASON LEAVING MALAYSIA BEHIND)

Malaysia sugar king was forced to leave malaysia,but became the world sugar king !,he bought the world largest sugar mills in australia, invested over USD 10 billion in the sugar farm in indonesia with the goal of developing it to the largest sugar regaining producer, living up to the name of world sugar king.

kouk offered tremendous help to the malaysian government in the past few decades,he has done everything possible but what the government did was like what you will get when you" turn over a pig stomach,you will see shit"

Recently ,BN government had offended robert kouk , as a result malaysian ecomomy suffered a gret blow consequently.

after the official visit of chinese premier wen jiabao to malaysia,najib government now truly understood robert kuok personal influence on china. For the self interests of their cronies,barisan nasional had arm-twisted to take over kuok' sugar empire,cronies get rich by 1 billion or so ,but it's causing us huge losses of more than 20 billion each year to our country,those who have accessed to insider news can only curse and pull their hair out

Prior to premier wen jiabao's visit to malaysia, najib and his cabinet hoped that china will double the amount of palm oil import from malaysia, well we all know that china is the largest consumer of palm oil from malaysia. Rapid economic growth in the recent years in china had made the market demand on palm oil even higher. china became the largest palm oil market for malaysia,but malaysia had also been facing a strong competition from indonesia , trying to sell its palm oil at a lower prices to china and india, which is diluting malaysian market share.

this threat is a great concern for najib administration, najib hoped to sign a new palm oil trading contract with china wen jiabao in order to double the average 1million tonnes monthly export to china but wen jiabao came to malaysia, najib was told that this request is unlikely to be was a totall disapointment

so whats the problem here ??? DANG DANG DANG, the problem is SUGAR KING KUOK DOES NOT AGREE !!

the china cooking oil market is monopolized by " CAP AROWANA" ,accounting for nearly 40% of its market share!, the arowana cooking oil belongs to Robert kuok!

Think about it if premier wen jiabao on behalf of the chinese government buys the malaysia palm oil.who is going to be refine it into cooking oil ?, of cause ,it is the private enterprises! , with 40% market share ,if Arowana cooking company refuses to buy more ,how the chinese government is going to absorb the extra import volume ?

najib was insensible from the start and did not know kuok had such a big influence in china, he had helped cronies, forced Robert Kuok to give up the malaysia sugar king throne, and didnt expect to have such a quick retribution

Kuok was forced to pack and leave malaysia,his heart is of cause very unhappy. People of malaysia must know that during the early days of independence, we did not have aviation talent pool, alliance government requested kuoks father to help set up malaysia airways

in 1970 malaysian maritime shipping industry is also in vacuum, malaysian government sent representatives to hong kong to personally invite kuok for assistance, for the natinal development sake, kuok put aside his group business and came back to malaysia to assist the government in establishing a national maritime shipping industry, this later was renamed to "MALAYSIA INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING CORP" - MISC

robert kuok gave his hand when malaysia repeatedly faced the economic difficulties in mahathir era, even in MCA ,Tan Koon Swan's case, it was rovert kuok who paid the bail ! , malaysian successive government ,from the national front to BN,Owed kuok a alot but malaysian government was freaking ungrateful ,using the high handed trick and no sugar price rise excuse to forcefully take over kuok's sugar empire in malaysia

Deng Xioping made a comeback in the 70's, annonced china reform and needed most generous help of overseas chinese entrepreneurs, roberk kuok was the first to take action to help Deng, among the other entrepreneurs of chinese economic are Li Ka-shing and Henry Fok. Robert Kuok had help china to boost their tourism industry and build the china first five star hotel "THE SHANGRI LA" in beijing

with over 30 years of close relationship with chinese government and its top leadership , Kuok had great influence on them, Najib failed to recognized that, This is why the quota at the top of the post :"FOR THE INTERESTS OF THEIR CRONIES", they arm twisted to take over kuok sugar empire, cronies get rich by 1 billion or so ,but it is causing huge losses of more than 20 billion each year to the country.

Kuok sugar empire was eaten up by fat vampire family,what humiliation he received . kuok had contributed alot to this country what does he get in return from our country and government ??, Ah jib will never imagine that the consequence of offending the sugar king will be so serious

Right after sugar king left malaysia, he immediately announced the acquisition of Australia biggest sugar mill. this is the world leading supplier of raw material for sugar manufacturing, of cause this includes supplying to the family of the fat vampire woman's sugar factory in perlis

kuok had invested 10 billion in indonesia for the development of the world largest sugar cane plantation , as well as building a state of the art sugar refinary mill

In the midst of world economy facing a downturn . malaysia government had use million of ringgit on traveling around the world by using tax payers money to gain foreign investment . how much was malaysia foreign investment ??, kuok single handedly invested USD 10 billion on the development on indonesia

China palm oil contracts sealed with malaysia is remain unchanged under the term, they wont be any increase in volume. indonesia had more palm oil output than malaysia and It is cheaper too, Now that kuok had invested so much money in indonesia, the government of indonesia would have treated him as heir god of wealth. certainly indonesia has been eyeing to take over the china palm oil contract from malaysia.

After leaving malaysia kuok hold the title of "King of cooking oil", the world "sugar king", he is also the franchisee of coca cola in china market, kuok involved in diversity of business in china, he created many jobs and opportunity for china, the chinese government and top leader have great respect for him.

so far Kuok is only malaysian tycoon who never accepted any royal titles conferred to him, many people address him as "tan sri robert kuok" ,in actual fact he never ever accepted the title "TAN SRI", well he doesnt need them too. his neither a tan sri or dato :), title like this is worthless when you can buy with the people blood money(cronies)

many malaysian "UMNO 1 malaysia" call him a traitor for not staying back in malaysia, he had gave all he got for this ungrateful government, so STFU and stop complaining, is just sad to see many talented malaysian leaving this country because they does not received equal opportunity from this racist bastard government, i hope that talented malaysian will come back after the fall of BN

one door close another door open, on this coming 13GE, we malaysian will make BN pay !!! , for those fools that say that MCA could still protect the chinese, open your eyes and think again.

Well, I should stop posting these examples or else I might get a one way ticket to ISA's HQ for coffee. 

Right, before I forget, my friends and I were having a friendly conversation; it's about
Abolishing ISA

Well, initially I was naive and believed that ISA was abolished. After a lengthy discussion; I realized I was naive. Although it was announced that ISA was abolished, there could be OSA, perhaps ESA or even USA and were never announced. 

Alright, I've given my readers something to ponder on (If I have readers though)

Well, back to mua. 

天真 means I am naive

Why is that so?

It's because I believe that everyone is equal, there is good in everyone. 

It feels wrong. I just can't walk up to this guy and Judge him. Well, it's just being biased.
It feels like this to me

Disclaimer. The picture above is strictly for entertainment purposes only.

Back then I used to judge people.  I used to think to myself
We must always find friends that can benefit ourselves. 

But achievement is not everything. One may be rich but miserable. Another may be poor but happy.
My point being, materialistic possession, power, fame and etc, are all nothing if the you're not happy.

King Midas could have turned the whole world into gold but did that make him happy?

What I now chose to believe in comes from;

House: They're out there, doctors, lawyers postal workers some of them doing great some of them doing lousy. Are you going to base your whole life on who you got stuck in a room with?
Eve: I'm going to base this moment on who I'm stuck in a room with. It's what life is. It's a series of rooms and who we get stuck in those rooms with adds up to what our lives are.
Quoted from House; Season 3 Episode 12 One Day, One Room.

I don't want to bore my readers (if I had any) with mere words

Anyways, I chose to believe in friends. Most of them are good, some are awesome, some are bad, some are terrible but only a few are the top of the creme.

Scenario 1
I've known Person A for 6 years. We don't hang out much but we do talk from time to time. I seriously think of Person A as my confidant. I strongly believe in our friendship. But eventually time corroded everything. Well, I've constantly try to build conversations with Person A but nothing worked. I got ignored and scolded with vulgarities. So, I have this to say
Applies to every other people who simply don't give a damn.

Scenario 2
I've known Person B for 8 years. Person B treated me like a little brother. Back then we were close (presently still am close), but due to circumstances, he moved far away and we lost contact. 8 years later, we  connected online; and today I am proud to acknowledge Person B in my life. So, I have this to say


Well, after everything, I've grown numb from people who just don't care. One thing for sure;

Since it's your choice; I have this to say

Seriously. Peace.

Au Revoir; mua Readers. hope you enjoy this piece of thought.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Of Girls and Games

A question pondered by majority of guys.

Which should I pick? =\

I've got to choose one. Choice A.

Choice B

Let's run a comparison shall we?

This is so going to make me single for a long long time.

Alright then, shall we get back to the agenda again?
Why not?

I mean seriously, why not? Some guys can find the courage to watch Twillight with their girls. So what's wrong with a little compromise? Personally, I'd love to find a girl like that but to me that don't really matter.

As long as she can make me a sandwich.

Girls going to kill me now.

Another funny example (ultimate girlfriend)

And if you find that bizzare; take a look at the comments.

I am not stating that my girlfriend should go to that extent. But seriously that guy must have the most compromising girlfriend in the world (for now).

Well, I am kinda busy studying for my test later. So that's it for now. To be continued